Hello Everyone,

Danny here,

We have some exciting news to share about DB Performance and what the future looks like going into 2023.

As of Nov 15th Shane will no longer be tuning here at DB Performance. If you need to contact Shane about any tuning he can be reached via his Shane Tuned Facebook page at Shanetuned.com

For DB Performance the future is looking bright.  Anita and myself are in the process of building a new shop and moving DB.  We will be moving out of our current location in Rogers by Dec 31st and are looking to be up and operational in the spring of 2023 if not sooner.

DB Performance will no longer be tuning imports as that was Shane’s part of the business.  We will be taking a step back to what I set out to do over 24 years ago and that is to build some of the most badass domestic cars and trucks around.  Specializing in Late model Ford, Chevy and Dodge performance.

We have had a pretty incredible run over the last 24 years here in Rogers, 17 at the current location.  We appreciate all of the opportunities that we have been gifted with to work with some incredible clients and build some awesome cars over the years.  It has been a fun journey that none of us regret.  Building 1000+ HP Mustangs alongside 1000+ EVO’s and seeing it all come together on the dyno has been great!  We have come to a time in life and business to step back, regroup and figure out what is best for all of us.

It has been mine and Anita’s intention to keep DB Performance going and refocus on the late model domestic cars and trucks.  I have spent so many years doing this and have no intention of closing the doors, just scaling back and being able to give each client the time and attention that only a small professional shop can offer.

During this transition the best way to contact us will be via Email.  We will be in and out of the shop with no set schedule. Please feel free to email Anita or myself or info@dbptuning.com.

From Danny, Anita and Shane we want to thank you all for being a part of this journey.

Anita and I look forward to continuing on and working closely with both our existing clients and new.

Thank you all that have been a part of this!




Olivia the shop dog

Hooker Blackheart

Hooker Blackheart exhaust components are built to the highest standards right here in Bowling Green, KY. The work, precision, and passion put into these products by Hooker can be heard echoing around the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in this video.

Click the video to begin! Be sure to watch in HD and full screen!




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COBB Front and Rear Sway Bars: Ford Mustang Ecoboost

The COBB Anti-Sway Bar Kit for the 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost is one of the most effective ways to improve handling without negatively affecting ride quality or NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). The perfectly balanced kit has a 35mm adjustable front bar and a 25mm adjustable rear bar to resist body-roll, sharpen turn-in response, and reduce understeer. The CNC bent anti-swaybar kit includes stiffer polyurethane bushings for instant suspension response, and all are direct factory replacements to ensure perfect OEM-like fitment without compromising performance. The COBB Tuning Anti-Sway Bar Kit is compatible with stock and most aftermarket end links. Features – 35mm 3-Way Adjustable Tubular Front Bar: 372, 475, and 515 lbs/in – 25mm 3-Way Adjustable Tubular Rear Bar: 198, 234 and 285 lbs/in – Diamond Black Powdercoat – Improved Handling, Balance, and Control – Reduced Body Roll Application: 2015 Ford Mustang...

mountune Low Restriction Intake: 2013-2015 Ford Focus ST

The mountune High Performance Induction kit for the 2013-2015 Focus ST includes everything you need to optimize the intake tract on your MK3 Focus ST. The kit consists of a cast aluminum low restriction crossover duct available in a natural silver or painted black finish (with a detailed fin and logo), an exclusive mountune air filter, mountune silicone hose and clamps. Features · Cast aluminum construction · mountune High Flow Air filter with dual inlet. · mountune Silicone coupling hose · Installation is simple and only requires simple hand tools Technical Information Comprehensive evaluation of the OE Focus ST intake system revealed the primary restriction as the OE plastic crossover pipe as well as the OE air filter. mountune engineers have designed a revised replacement crossover pipe with smooth air flow characteristics and no internal obstructions to improve intake air flow directly to the turbocharger. Coupled with a uniquely designed mountune air filter with with dual inlet, the mountune High Performance Induction kit will provide increased air flow, improved engine response, and power. As there is no performance benefit and to help maintain the original vehicle’s NVH quality, mountune has elected to retain the OE coupling hoses and connectors when possible. Application: 2013-2015 Ford Focus...

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